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Michigan Hit & Run Accident Attorneys

Seek Justice with the Help of Our Michigan Accident Lawyers

It is a crime to leave the scene of an accident in Michigan. This includes multi-vehicle crashes, bicycle accidents in which motor vehicles collide with bicycling commuters, and pedestrian accidents. We regularly see headlines where motorists flee the scene of an auto accident, often leaving injury victims in their wake.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a hit and run accident, Bashore Green Law Group is ready to hear from you. Many victims feel as if they have no legal recourse in a hit and run scenario, but this is often not the case. Our Metro Detroit hit and run accident lawyers can help you assess your legal options and aggressively pursue the relief you deserve.

Contact us today to request a free consultation with our team. We're ready to hear your story and fight for your right to fair and just compensation. 

Understanding Hit & Run Accidents

If you were hurt in a hit and run accident, your personal injury claim strategy should vary depending on the specifics of your case. The most important factor in these circumstances is whether the driver at fault is found by the authorities.

In a hit and run accident, victims can pursue compensation from:

  • Insurance providers: If you have injury insurance, you should file a claim immediately. If the driver is found and they have liability coverage, their insurance provider should also be paying coverage for your injuries.
  • The driver at fault: If the negligent driver is found in your case, they can be sued for damages regardless of whether they are charged with a crime (or whether or not they are found guilty).

Every case is unique and requires experienced legal insight to properly navigate. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a hit and run, Bashore Green Law Group is ready to help you assess your legal options.

What to Do After a Michigan Hit & Run Accident

Any car accident can be a shock to the system—this feeling is typically magnified when the motorists responsible for your injuries flees the scene of the accident.

We recommend doing the following if you have been in a hit and run accident:

  • Don’t try to follow the at-fault driver! This can easily lead to another—and potentially worse—collision.
  • Pull off the road and call an ambulance if needed.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene, including any property damage done to your car and the surroundings. Photograph bodily injuries as well.
  • Write down every detail you can remember about the vehicle that hit you, if you saw it. This includes the color, make, model, any or all of the license plate number, and what the driver looked like.
  • File an accident report with the police (they will conduct their own investigation to find the hit and run driver).
  • Get a medical checkup as soon as possible to ensure you haven’t suffered any serious internal injuries. Medical records will also help improve your insurance and personal injury claims if you file.
  • Contact a hit and run accident lawyer in Michigan for a free consultation.

We Will Help You Win Compensation After a Hit & Run Accident

Hit and run accidents are are extremely frustrating and complicated.. Fortunately, if you enlist the help of an experienced legal team who understands the ins and outs of such cases, the process can be far smoother. Together, we will explore every avenue for you to receive compensation and will do whatever is in our power to fight for your right to it.

We're ready to fight for your right to compensation with you at this difficult time. Call our offices at (248) 487-1887 today. We speak English, Spanish, Arabic, Lebanese, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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