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After the death of a loved one, you could be in charge of gathering up all the information needed regarding a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy is purchased to provide financial security and peace of mind to family members once a loved one has passed on. Among other things, it will provide death benefits to family members. If you have been denied a life insurance policy benefit, let the life insurance attorneys at Bashore Green Law Group in Troy step in to right the wrong. Tell us your story and we can help.

How Troy Death Benefits Lawyers Can Help You

Once a loved one passes, you could be entitled to a death benefit. However, there are reasons things might go awry, such as:

  • Being wrongly denied a life insurance policy
  • You may have received less than you should have
  • There might be other benefits you are entitled to

If you are expecting an insurance company to pay on an existing life insurance policy, only to find out they will not, it can make for additional stress at an already sorrowful time, especially if a loved one has suffered an untimely death. A life insurance policy is in place to ensure the necessary funds reach the surviving family members.

You may be wondering how a situation like this can be made right. With the help of our Troy beneficiary lawyers, you could be on your way to receiving the help that you need. We understand the intricacies of life insurance policies and will investigate why a policy has been denied or delayed.

The nature of many insurance companies is to have more incentive to collect premiums than to pay out on policies. Some life insurance policies have been deliberately written up to be ambiguous at best. Often, the vague nature of the policy application questions leaves the policyholder confused, and their answers may not have been the ones that are needed.

Our Troy life insurance benefits attorneys know what to do when claims are denied. If you are expecting life insurance benefits to be paid out and they have not been, it is time to do something about it. You will want to gather up all the information about the policy you can find, have a copy of the death certificate of your loved one, find any and all communication your loved one may have had with the insurance company including emails, and then contact our attorneys to investigate the death benefits.

Contact a Knowledgeable Troy Life Insurance Benefits Attorney Today

We have been at this a long time and have helped countless clients see their way to the death benefits they deserve. After all, you have rights and interests, and we want to see those protected. With our help, you will receive the financial help you were counting on.

The death of a loved one is always a stressful time, and insurance companies do not need to add to the stress by being difficult and requiring you to jump through hoops. You should not have to experience additional woe on top of what you have been through. Our Troy attorneys for death benefits can show you the way forward. Remember, we offer a free consultation and we do not get paid unless you get paid.

Life insurance policies are supposed to pay out death benefits to surviving family members. If you are not seeing your benefits, or are having problems with the insurance company, do not waste another minute talking to them. Your death benefit claim needs to be resolved now, and the attorneys at Bashore Green Law Group may be able to make it happen fast. There are always reasons an insurance company will deny benefits and they may not be very forthcoming with you. Let our Troy life insurance beneficiary attorneys do the talking for you. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and tell us your story.

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