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How a Rochester Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help

If a dog has bitten you, it is wise to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer in dog bites and dog attacks. At Bashore Green, our Rochester dog bite attorneys can help you receive compensation following a dog bite, or another kind of dog attack, such as the dog jumping on you or otherwise knocking you down.

As your dog bite lawyer, our job will be to demonstrate or prove that the dog owner should have known the dog was dangerous, and/or that someone was negligent in failing to prevent the bite. We will also attempt to prove that you had a right to be in the location where the bite occurred, that you were injured and that the dog was significant in causing those injuries. If we can establish that the dog was known to be dangerous and that the owner or keeper should have known this, it can help your case.

Gathering the evidence required to prove a dog bite and lead to a successful claim in Rochester can be challenging. That is why it is best to talk with a reliable, experienced dog bite injury lawyer.

On average, the cost of a dog bite insurance claim can run up several tens of thousands of dollars. Typically, insurance pays the compensation for a dog bite, but we can pursue other means if the dog owner does not have insurance.

If you are the owner of the dog that has bitten someone, we might also be able to help you. Contact us to determine how we can help protect your dog and ensure that your insurance company helps you. You can rely on us at Bashore Green to investigate the situation, liaise with insurance companies, file a lawsuit, assemble the case, and collect a judgment.

How long it takes to settle a dog bite lawsuit depends on the severity of the case. All incidents are different, and it would be wrong to give a blanket answer. However, we might be able to resolve a straightforward claim within three months. Whatever the severity, it is wise to start your claim as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to touch base with a Rochester dog bite lawyer for help.

Dr. Ian Dunbar's Dog Bite Scale

When considering your injury, it might be useful to consider the official classification of the bite’s severity. According to Dr. Ian Dunbar’s dog bite scale, there are six categories of a dog bite.

  1. Aggressive behavior but no contact by the dog’s teeth. This behavior might be snapping in front of someone in hopes they move away. Dogs may exhibit this behavior when scared or startled.
  2. A bite that does not break the skin. Nonetheless, this kind of bite may leave bruising and can be traumatic.
  3. Teeth have punctured the skin. At this level, you will see one to four tooth punctures per bite. The deepest puncture will be no deeper than half the length of the dog’s canine tooth. This level of bite demonstrates real aggression and is taken very seriously.
  4. Deep punctures of the skin. There will once again be one to four punctures from a bite at level four, but at least one puncture will be deeper than half the length of the dog’s canine teeth. With this level of aggression, the dog may have made the injury more severe by shaking its head from side to side.
  5. Multiple level four bites or multiple attacks.
  6. At level 6, a bite or bites results in the victim’s death, whether human or animal.

Almost all reported dog bites are level one or two. Whatever the severity, a Rochester dog bite attorney can assist you. If a dog has bitten you, and it is a level 3 bite or above, make sure to see your physician. Dog bites can lead to infections necessitating treatment with antibiotics. Infection is usually the most significant danger following a dog bite, although the psychological trauma can also be severe.

The sooner you see your physician after a dog bite the better. Until you visit your doctor, you can wash the wound with mild soap, attempt to stop the bleeding, and use some antibiotic cream if available. Once dry, wrap this in a sterile bandage and change it several times a day to help avoid infection. Redness, swelling, and increased pain suggest infection, as does a fever.

Rochester Dog Bite Attorneys at Your Side

After the physical and psychological damage of a dog bite, a dog bite lawyer can help make the next steps as painless as possible. You can rely on the experience of the attorneys at Bashore Green Law Group to help you through the process and give you the best chance of a successful claim. Contact us today!

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