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Detroit Hit & Run Accident Lawyers

Learn How to Get Compensation After a Hit & Run

Even though it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident before exchanging insurance and identifying information, that doesn’t stop thousands of drivers from doing just that each year here in Michigan. When a driver flees the site of a car accident in this way, it is called a hit-and-run accident. It might seem impossible to get any compensation if you don’t know who crashed into your car, but, with the help of Bashore Green Law Group, you might have more options than you realize.

Let our hit and run accident attorneys in Detroit review your case today. Using our extensive legal experience and insight, we can look for ways to get you the coverage you need to recover and recuperate from your wreck, which might mean filing a first-party claim against your auto insurance provider.

Learn more about hit and run accident cases by calling (248) 487-1887.

Catching the Hit & Run Driver

Ideally, the hit and run driver will be caught and brought to justice. If they are allowed to continue to drive around with no criminal consequences, then it is only a matter of time until they do the same thing to someone else. The police need to know about the crash, so call them immediately and tell them all you can about the other driver. Vehicle make, model, and color are highly important, as are any digits of their license plate you can recall.

With some luck, the driver will be identified and arrested sooner than later. Some investigations can take weeks or months, though, so don’t lose patience. You will have to trust in the law enforcement process.

If the hit and run driver is eventually caught, you can file a claim against them as you would in any other car accident case. Our firm would be happy to help you with such a case, too.

Using Uninsured Motorist Insurance

If it looks like the hit and run driver will not be caught – this is more often than not, unfortunately – then you still aren’t out of options. If you have uninsured motorist (UM) insurance as part of your auto insurance policy, then you can use it to seek some coverage for your damages.

UM coverage can help pay for a variety of damages, such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Vehicle repairs

However, you will have to review your UM insurance plan to see what coverages are available to you. Some insurance companies let you buy uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage but not motorist property damage coverage, or vice versa, for example. Our hit and run accident lawyers in Detroit would be happy to help you review and understand your insurance options. If you do have an applicable policy for your hit and run accident, then we can discuss how we can manage a first-party claim (a claim filed against your insurer, not another driver’s), too.

5 Things to Do After a Hit & Run

After another driver commits a hit and run against you in Detroit, be sure to:

  1. Stay put: Don’t try to chase the driver because this could cause another car accident.
  2. Record everything: Immediately write down all the details you can recall about the other driver and their vehicle, including the direction it was heading when it left.
  3. Call 911: The police should know about the hit and run accident as soon as possible, so they can look for the driver.
  4. See a doctor: Even if you feel fine, get a medical checkup to record all of your injuries and to make an official date stamp on your medical record about when those injuries happened.
  5. Call our firm: We encourage our clients to call (248) 487-1887 at any hour. If we can’t answer the phone for whatever reason, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Understand Your Options Today – Call Our Firm

Our Detroit hit and run accident attorneys are standing by to help you during this difficult time that was made even more troubling by the illegal actions of the other driver. When we are on the case, you can trust in us to pursue all avenues to secure the compensation that you need to recover comfortably. This is what you deserve, and we intend to deliver on all counts!

Please contact us at any time if you need our legal counsel.

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