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Business Insurance Not Covering COVID? Let Us​ Review Your Policy

The early word we’re hearing from our clients is that many Business Interruption insurance policies are in fact excluding COVID from coverage. Our response in every one of those cases: Send Us the Policy.

Industries like restaurants, banquet facilities, golf courses, and driving ranges, auto repair facilities, hotels are among those being severely impacted by these virus restrictions. They have no choice but to close in many cases, even if some are deemed “essential” to some degree by the state. These companies still have mortgages, leases, utilities, staff to pay, and more. They likely have food or other items that have spoiled or materials that are no longer able to be used.

Yet their insurance premiums still have to be paid. They still have to adhere to local and state codes. Many are scrambling to find what small business aid is available to them through the CARES Act just to stay afloat. Where are these insurance companies during your greatest time of need?

We all have to adjust and adapt during this time of adversity. Our firm is ready for the challenge as we believe adversity makes us stronger. The needs of our small to mid-sized businesses, particularly, in certain industries, have risen dramatically. If insurance companies are left unchecked, of course, they will tell you your business interruption claims are not covered.

Here at Bashore Green we successfully sue insurance companies for our clients literally thousands of times a year. We’re no strangers to making the insurance companies pay for what they rightfully owe our clients. Let us hold the insurance companies and make them accountable to you. After all, your premium payments must count for something.

If your business is impacted and your business policy isn’t covering your needs, contact us today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let us review your policy and determine what is owed to you. There is no fee unless we recover funds for you.