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Even an Uncontested Divorce Requires Legal Knowledge and Expertise

A divorce lawyer is still needed

Significant uncertainty remains even with an uncontested divorce. That is why a family law attorney with a specialty in divorce is so important. Divorce lawyers can submit motions before the divorce is finalized, negotiate with opposing legal representatives to secure the best possible settlement and is there to ensure your rights and interests are observed, especially if an intended uncontested divorce becomes more complex.

By working with a divorce attorney in Michigan you can also significantly reduce the chances that a judge will reject your divorce settlement terms. Additionally, a divorce lawyer like Kevin Green can assist you in ensuring that your case is not being held up by technical or procedural issues.

By working with a divorce lawyer to handle the legal details, any agreement with your spouse likely ends the matter. From there you can generally delegate the remainder of the process to your family law attorney to finalize your divorce in Michigan.

If needed, take the first step toward securing an uncontested divorce

Before speaking to anybody else about your choices, speak with an experienced divorce attorney like Kevin Green from Bashore Green. Time is always of the essence and Kevin can provide a free consultation to review if an uncontested divorce is possible given your situation. By hiring an experienced divorce lawyer like Kevin, you will also have the peace of mind knowing that if your divorce becomes more complex, he is there to help.

Call Bashore Green and ask for Kevin at 248-487-1887. He is happy to discuss your case and provide you with the legal alternatives and solutions that you need.