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Why You Should Never Give a Recorded Statement (Even In a No-Fault State)

When you call the insurance company to report a crash, the adjuster on the phone may ask if you’d give a statement about the crash. This is an infamous insurance trap and one that many people fall for because they assume the insurance company is fighting for their best interest.

However, there’s a very good reason why you should never give a recorded statement after a car crash, even in a no-fault state like Michigan.

Recorded Statements

In at-fault states, insurance adjusters may use a recorded call to undermine a policyholder’s claim. If their choice of words is not extremely precise, they can be misinterpreted to shift fault or reduce appraised damages.

Even those who are aware of recorded statements can sometimes be goaded into saying more than they should. For example, the insurance adjuster may claim they can’t authorize a rental car until you give a recorded statement or may go so far as to insist that you have to provide a statement. In either case, these claims are false.

There is nothing to gain from providing a recorded statement without your attorney present. In fact, it could make it much harder to move forward.

The No-Fault Difference

While insurance companies cannot use recorded statements to shift assigned fault in Michigan, a recorded statement can still harm your case. Anything you say (even indirectly) that indicates your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim could be used against you to reduce the damages you receive.

Even saying “I’m feeling good” could be used against you in extreme cases as it allows insurance adjusters to question the severity of your injuries. That, in turn, can make it much more challenging to pay your current and future medical bills and get the care you need to move forward.

With so much on the line, it’s often wise to leave negotiating with the insurance companies to a professional auto accident attorney. When you hire an attorney, you can focus on your recovery while your legal team handles the insurance companies on your behalf.

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