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When and Why Your Driving Record Matters Following an Auto Accident

Driving records do matter when it comes to the status of your auto accident.

Since Michigan is an at-fault state, you are eligible for compensation only if you were not responsible for the crash. With that in mind, the driving record of an at-fault driver may help you build a strong case in your favor because it may prove the driver has a history of irresponsible driving.

How a Traffic Ticket Can Affect Your Claim

If the driver who caused your accident has received traffic tickets for speeding or driving in a reckless manner, you may be able to use this as evidence to prove the person is notorious for negligent driving. These old tickets on that driver’s record may be especially helpful if speeding, distracted driving, or driver impairment caused the crash.

The insurance company may try to pin at least partial blame on you if you have a record of driving infractions yourself, so it is important to disclose this information to your attorney as soon as possible so he or she is prepared for it. Disclosing this early on may be able to help protect the value of your claim.

The Impact of Non-Moving Violations

Citations for non-moving violations like parking violations may not be relevant to a claim. However, other non-moving violations such as a broken taillight or headlight could have a bigger impact than you might realize. A driver who recently was warned or ticketed for broken taillights may be found at fault in a number of scenarios.

Proving fault for accidents involving vehicles with broken taillights or headlights may be difficult. That is why old tickets for things that may have contributed to your crash may be beneficial to your claim.

Prior Accidents Can Also Affect Your Claim

If you were responsible for an accident, the insurance company may try to prove you are a consistently irresponsible driver and should not be awarded compensation. Or if you suffered previous injuries and were awarded in a claim from a previous accident you were not at fault for, the insurance company may argue they should not be held liable for the cost of your medical care.

If you can present evidence to show that your old injuries were aggravated by the new crash or that the injuries you suffered in this collision are new, you may be in the clear. Seeking immediate attention after the accident may help establish a link between your current injuries and the recent collision. Medical records for your old injuries, how they were treated and how you recovered from them can also help to differentiate old injuries from new injuries.

Having an experienced auto accident attorney can help mitigate the impact of an insurance company to position you in a negative light.

Don’t Let the Insurance Company Call the Shots

Insurance companies are known for using many tactics to deny or devalue injury claims, even when evidence may be clear. Sometimes, insurance adjusters go out of their way to sift through a person’s background, including driving records, to see how they can deny a claim.

However, this may backfire if the driver who hit you is the one with a poor driving record. Let our experienced car accident lawyers in Michigan build a strong case for compensation on your behalf. We have the resources to thoroughly investigate Detroit-area car, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

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