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Police officer writing woman a ticket while she sits in her car

What If Your Traffic Accident Report is Incorrect?

You’re in a serious wreck and need to get to the hospital immediately. You’re unable to exchange insurance information, and police only arrive as you’re getting into an ambulance. While recovering, you learn the other driver made a statement in the police report and that the details of the crash are (in your view) inaccurate.

Because an inaccurate report could potentially hurt your recovery, it’s worth asking: What if your traffic accident report is incorrect.

Talk to Your Attorney

If you suspect a factual inaccuracy on a police report, or if you were unable to make a statement, you should contact the attorneys at Bashore Green Law Group immediately. The earlier you dispute a perceived error in a police report, the more likely you are to have changes incorporated.

Your attorney may be able to help you tell your story to the police and address factual errors (such as an improperly recorded make and model) or witness statements. Be especially careful if the officer either issued a ticket (such as running a red light, following too closely, etc.) or if they include a “primary cause” in the report. These factors could make it more difficult to recover damages.

Make a Statement

If you were unable to make a statement at the scene of the crash, you might be able to create a written statement and have it added to a police report already in the record. Doing so allows you to tell your side of the story and could be crucial evidence in determining who was responsible for the crash.

Keep in mind that the precise wording of your statement is extremely important. For that reason, it’s always wise to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you write your statement to accurately describe the crash’s circumstances.

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