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The Long-Term Effects Of An Auto Accident

An auto accident can be traumatizing. Drivers are never truly prepared for the emotional and physical anguish felt following a crash. Accidents can leave lingering effects well after the accident has occurred. Throughout Michigan, victims of auto accidents are experiencing this delayed impact that usually begins, once the collision or crash has been fully investigated, medical attention has been sought, police reports and other relevant documents are gathered, and liability is determined.

We explain why, future losses that include unforeseen expenses, pain and suffering must be considered when determining rightful compensation. In this post, our experienced accident attorneys, dive into the long-term emotional and physical effects of an auto accident and show you how we fight to get you, exactly what you deserve.

Emotional effects of an auto accident can be difficult to overcome

One of the areas in which auto accident injuries typically carry long-term effects are injuries related to psychological or emotional trauma.

Examples of psychological or emotional trauma

chart of examples of emotional or psychological trauma

The more severe the physical injuries associated with an auto accident, the more pain and suffering damages you are entitled to

The most common physical injuries of an auto accident include back, neck, and head injuries. Soft tissue damage, neck strains, disk damage, and spine injuries are also quite common and classified as minor injuries. Individuals impacted by physical injuries from an auto accident can experience traumatic brain injury, whiplash, fractures, and migraine headaches.

Major injuries are usually accompanied by long-term effects that can be permanent. Disabilities such as amputations or paralysis which, results in a diminished mental capacity are obvious indicators a severe physical injury has occurred, but soft tissue injuries that affect the surrounding tissue and connecting tendons, muscles, and ligaments are just as serious and can cause long term damage as well.

Therefore, determining the extent of an injury with the potential for future pain and suffering is a necessary component to fully recovering from an auto accident.

Contact an experienced auto accident attorney

If you have sustained a harm or loss due to an auto accident, it is important to discuss the circumstances of your injury with an experienced auto accident attorney who will consider the potential for future losses in order to fully protect your legal rights and interests to ensure that you receive maximum compensation.

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