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Amounts of settlements can vary following an auto accident

While you do not need an accident lawyer to settle your car crash injury claim, you should be aware of many serious mistakes that you can make without an experienced attorney on your side.

First, the insurance adjuster may not disclose all of the insurance policies or limits that might apply to your claim. As a result, you will never know the total amount of insurance money available to pay your claim. Our attorneys will track down all possible coverage to make sure you get everything you deserve.

Second, you may also not know the real value of your case and this could result in you settling for substantially less money than you could receive otherwise.

Third, there are potential liens you might be responsible for paying back out of your Michigan car accident settlement. Health insurance companies and Medicare may claim a portion of your settlement and if you did not plan for this payback, you could be left with little or nothing.

Finally, you could be jeopardizing your no-fault insurance benefits by signing a Release when you settle your liability claim. This could have devastating consequences including forfeiting payment of medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits. Insurance studies show that victims typically receive more money when they have a lawyer even after paying the attorney’s fees. 

What is the average car settlement?

There is no “average car accident settlement amount” and every case is different. This would be similar to asking “what is the average house price?” and this would lead to dozens of other questions to narrow down a possible price range.  Our attorneys at Bashore Green will determine the proper compensation amount for your case, which is really the only one that you should care about anyways.

Many factors used to determine the amount of a car crash settlement. Recoverable damages include the seriousness and permanence of the injuries, as well as the effect of the injuries on the victim’s life.  Cases involving traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and wrongful death often result in the highest amounts.

Other factors include the length of medical treatment, the amount of lost income, and the insurance policy coverage available for the accident.

Additional questions to consider include:

  • Who was at fault for a car accident?
  • Did the injured person miss time from work due to their injuries?
  • What type of auto insurance did the negligent driver have at the time of the crash?
  • Were other types of coverage, like uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage, in existence at the time of the accident?
  • Did the owner of the car involved in the wreck have an insurance policy?
  • Does the injured person have any permanent restrictions or limitations?
  • How much pain and suffering did you have from your injuries?
  • Who is the lawyer representing a claimant in their case?

At Bashore Green, we understand that you’re settlement is important. So we provide the highest level of services with experienced attorneys who will fight for you, and a full staff supporting them that cares for the well-being of our clients throughout Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County, and all of southeastern Michigan. We can help!