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Common Injuries Caused By Auto Accidents Can Cause Physical Damage And Financial Pain


There are certain types of injuries that are common in car accidents. Each type of injury brings different complications and may impact you in certain ways. The costs to have each of these injuries treated also can vary.

That’s why you need to work with an experienced law firm that handles these cases. The damages awarded are meant to compensate you for your injuries so that you can live as normally you did before the injury. Here are the most common types of car accident injuries in southeastern Michigan.

Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries and other brain injuries can cause immediate injuries and complications that last far into the future. Certainly, concussions can occur as well but in general, a traumatic brain injury is often related to concussion and can cause long-term problems with brain function as well as headaches and sleeping difficulties. It may be difficult to diagnose a brain injury, and you may need a deliberate treatment plan to avoid complications.

Broken Ribs or Other Broken Bones

It doesn’t take a major accident to cause you to suffer from broken ribs. Broken bones are common in all types of crashes, whether rear-end, side-impact, or head-on.

Internal Bleeding

Without immediate treatment, internal bleeding can also be dangerous. A passenger or driver should always be checked by medical personnel following a significant accident even if injuries don’t appear to be obvious.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc occurs when one or more vertebrae in your spine either rupture or shift out of place, causing pain and other complications.

Knee Trauma

The sudden impact of a crash can cause your knees to strike the dashboard. That can cause pain to your ligaments and your kneecap. You might need braces, crutches, or surgery to rebuild your knee and correct for damage. Knees are complicated, and knee injuries can be painful. Knee injuries in a car accident are especially frustrating because they can cause difficulty walking.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

An accident can be an emotional event in your life and both mental and emotional injuries can result because of a car accident. You might have post-traumatic stress disorder, and things that used to be routine may become worrisome and even impossible. You may be able to recover from your mental health treatment and emotional suffering as well.


Whiplash is actually a muscle, ligament, and/or tendon injury caused by your body moving in a sudden, jerking fashion that isn’t normal.  That trauma can strain muscles and other soft tissues without breaking bones. Whiplash can be very painful, and it can take time to heal.

Scrapes and Cuts

Scrapes or cuts may occur from the impact of your vehicle or the other vehicle. Loose projectiles in the car may strike you as well, whether from a purse, cell phone, or some other item. Either way scrapes and cuts can be painful while also posing a risk for infections and other complications.

It is important to seek medical treatment as soon as you can after you’re in an accident. Sometimes, injuries take time to show. You might be seriously hurt and not realize it. Getting an evaluation from a professional helps you identify injuries that you may not be aware of that can get more serious without treatment. Be safe out there!