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Seven Things To Do If In An Automobile Accident

Two car pile up crash.

Driving always comes with possible dangers, like road conditions and negligent drivers, including those who are distracted or driving while texting. Getting into an automobile accident because of a negligent driver can have a huge impact on your life for the negative.

If you’ve been injured from a negligent driver, you need the right attorney that will fight for you and win you the compensation you deserve, so call us at Bashore Green today. Read up on what to do when involved in a car accident so that if it happens to you, you are prepared to handle it in the best way possible.

Getting into an automobile accident because of a negligent driver can have a huge impact on your life for the negative.

Depending on the severity of the collision, there are seven things you should do:

  • If possible, pull your car to the side of the road to avoid another accident. Turn the car off and turn on your hazard lights. Whatever you do, do not flee the scene.
  • Call 911 if you or anyone else is seriously injured.
  • Call the police. Even a small accident should involve the police and will be beneficial to determining fault. Cooperate with the police but avoid placing blame, arguing, or admitting anything was your fault.
  • Exchange information with the other drivers, including names, phone numbers, insurance information, and license plate numbers.
  • Take photos of the damage to your car, the other car(s), and even the road conditions, or weather, that may have attributed to the accident.
  • File an insurance claim right away and be upfront with your insurance company about the facts of the accident. Withholding any information from the insurance company will have ramifications for you later on.
  • If you seek medical attention after the accident, save all medical bills and keep a detailed log of what was treated, as well as any time missed from work.

Because Michigan is a no-fault state, when a person sustains an accidental bodily injury arising out of the use of a motor vehicle, an insurance company is responsible for paying all medical expenses, medical mileage, loss of wages, and more.

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligent driving, you may be entitled to compensation for the non-economic losses or damages sustained, such as an injury that causes ongoing pain, disability, or physical impairment. Contact an attorney immediately if the accident resulted in a loss of life. If you feel that you need a lawyer after your accident, give us a call at Bashore Green. We will assist you with determining if you have a case, and how to get the most compensation for your type of injury. We will fight for your rights, regardless of your role in the accident.