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The Court System Is Up And Running, Even If Slower Than Usual


We mentioned back in April that COVID-19 has, and will continue to have an impact on the court system and the manner – and speed – in which cases are handled.

Already it appears that most cases are being delayed and taking longer than usual. This is true for non-jury cases as judges are using video conferencing technologies and like many of us are working remotely. Most courtrooms are closed. All jury trials have been delayed and there is widespread anticipation that jury trials may not be held until next year. Already some jurisdictions have been adjourned until 2021 while others have been pushed back to the fall. That goes for not just personal injury cases related to car, truck, and motorcycle accidents but survivor’s benefits, business cases as well.

These court delays can also impact how, and the speed at a case is settled, if a settlement is finalized. Every case is different. One insurance company for example may feel more motivated to settle for a multitude of reasons, while others may choose to delay. The same is true for any third party involved in a settlement, whether it’s a business owner, public entity, or individual.

Our advice is to contact Bashore Green as quickly as possible if you have a need such as a personal injury, car accident, and more. The sooner you get your case into the system, the sooner an outcome will be finalized. The court system does continue to work, arguments are being held and evidence is being presented. As more businesses and organizations gradually open, it is possible that caseload speed will pick up.

As always we are able to answer any questions you have.