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Emergency Items To Keep In Your Car In Case Of An Accident

As more people are hitting the road for work, trips, and more, we wanted to provide a few reminders of items to bring with you whenever you are traveling in case you get into an auto accident.

  • Cell phone charger – Always a good idea when you’re on the road. You want to be able to access emergency services, friends and family, or even your insurance company
  • Emergency road kit – This includes one or more flares and other items that can help make it clear your vehicle is not running if an accident occurred. These can be picked up at any local auto supply store or online.
  • Phone numbers for your insurance company – Put it in your phone and keep your phone charged!
  • Rain gear and an umbrella – If you are involved in an accident, you don’t want to get soaking wet if there is inclement weather. Having these items in your vehicle is always important.
  • Paper and pencil/pen – You likely have this in your car but if you do get in an accident you want to get information from any other drivers involved. Their personal information and any insurance-related info should be written down. Take a photo of it with your phone too for backup.
  • Clean mask – In the age of COVID, have a mask readily accessible. If an accident has occurred, put it on as you exit the vehicle. Having a spare mask for your car these days is advisable.

You’ll also want to keep your healthcare insurance card with you in case you get injured and can’t communicate with other family members. Having a jack and spare time helps if you do get a flat. A roadside assistance service may be available through an OEM, your insurance company, or as a side membership and that information can also be handy.

We hope you’ll never need those items. But if you do, and the accident is significant or results in one or more injuries, contact us to see how we can help.