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Celebrate Your 4th Of July The Way You Want This Weekend

Our twice-a-week blogs are usually filled with information we hope is useful to you, your family, business colleagues, and more.

But today we simply want to wish you a Happy 4thof July weekend over the next few days. This marks the “unofficial” middle of summer, which we all have to admit looks a bit different in 2020. Yet what always matters most is family, friends, health, and finding time to relax and have some fun.  

So whatever you are doing this 4thof July, all of us at Bashore Green hope that you stay safe, are able to gather outdoors while enjoying wonderful weather, and that you can spend it with those who matter most to you. There is no better way to celebrate our country’s birthday and what it means to be an American who is able to enjoy the freedoms we have.

Our team will be back in the office and working remotely at our homes helping our clients just like always again on Monday. After all, the American Way is about working hard but enjoying the times spent together. Enjoy the holiday weekend and stay healthy!