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The First Step in Finalizing a Divorce is Hiring an Experienced Divorce Attorney

About 90 percent of people in Western cultures enter into marriage by the age of 50, but we all know not all of those marriages are destined to last.

Between 35 to 50 percent of first-time marriages in the United States end in divorce. That number increases to approximately 60 percent for second marriages, and over 70 percent for marriages after that. This all means the United States has one of the highest divorce rates in the world.

Perhaps that's why the overall rates of both marriage and divorce are decreasing in the United States. The World Population Review notes that though the trend is a result of multiple factors, one of the most prominent is a tendency for millennials to wait longer before getting married, or simply forgoing marriage altogether. Still, the divorce rate in Michigan is 11.6 percent, according to the World Population Review.

This means Michigan falls near the middle when it comes to the frequency of divorces in the United States. Overall, D.C. has the lowest divorce rate at 8.3 percent, and Maine has the highest, at 13.9 percent.

It may seem that 11.6 percent is a low number. But keep in mind the majority of Michigan residents are not married. Thousands of divorces are processed every month in Michigan. Each and every one of those divorces should have a lawyer advising each party as to their best interests.

Even in a non-contested divorce, issues like who should move out the house, how items should be split up, what to do with joint banking accounts and more need to be confirmed. It is the best interest of each party in a divorce to hold off on making such decisions until they speak with their lawyer, as every action could play an impact in legal proceedings.

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