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Interested in Knowing If Your Injury Is a Potential Case? Bashore Green Can Let You Know


Are you interested in knowing whether your claim could qualify you for financial compensation?

If the answer is yes, the team of experienced personal injury and auto accident attorneys at Bashore Green Law Group want to help. We have created a “Do I Have a Case” page on our website that serves as a checklist for clients interested in finding out if there are merits to their “case.”

Here’s how it works. Simply visit our Do I Have a Case page and fill out as much information as you can. We’re looking for information on:

  • Incident details
  • Involvement of law enforcement and whether a report was filed
  • Details of any injuries you suffered including notes from a doctor’s office or hospital visit
  • Medical treatment received
  • Insurance information of yours and of the at-fault party (if available)
  • Any other documents you want to share

This is a SECURE file upload. Once you fill out the form, it will be sent to our Bashore Green firm and one of our attorneys will review and respond. We don’t share your information with any third parties.

Plus, bookmark this page to be reminded of the information needed to determine your potential for compensation.

Bashore Green is here to help our clients. The Calculate Your Claim page is just the latest example. Call us at 248-487-1887 to learn more or to review the potential of your personal injury or auto accident case.