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Fatigued Driving Can Be a Recipe for Truck Accidents

Truck drivers play a vital role in the supply chain and deliver critical goods to locations in Indiana and throughout the United States. A driver might have a long haul to perform and could become tired from many hours on the road. However, working for several days in a row could also make someone feel fatigued. Those who think it is not a big deal for a tired truck driver to take to the road should look at accident statistics. Fatigue contributes to fatal crashes.

It is important for drivers and the companies they work for to develop a realistic schedule that allows them to get enough rest between trips. This has become more of a challenge over the years given the significant truck driver shortage that the industry has experienced for several years, one that has only worsened since the pandemic.

Truck drivers and fatigue

If a driver falls asleep at the wheel, the vehicle could crash into other cars or hit pedestrians. Such a scenario might be tragic with any car, but things may be worse when involving a tractor-trailer. The truck’s massive size and weight might inflict terrible harm on anything in its path.

Regulators understand the dangers associated with fatigued driving. That’s why laws exist mandating breaks. Not every driver follows along with those rules, though. Even trucking companies could look the other way at mandatory breaks or even falsify break records. Such negligence may haunt the liable parties in a lawsuit.

Other reasons for fatigued driving

Fatigue-related truck crashes could happen for many reasons. Even a driver who takes all required breaks may present dangers on the road. Minor drowsiness might make concentrating difficult, and poor concentration could contribute to disasters.

Those suffering from a cold might be too exhausted to drive. Taking to the road while ill could be negligent. Of course, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol would also be negligent. Truck drivers who choose to perform their duties while fatigued may face severe civil or criminal penalties for their decisions.

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