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Vehicle Maintenance Can Make A Difference In Your Auto Accident Case

auto mechanic working on brakes on car

Vehicle owners are responsible for the proper upkeep and maintenance of their vehicles. Proper maintenance ensures a vehicle is safe to drive and helps to ensure drivers can maneuver out of trouble.

When drivers fail in these obligations and a crash occurs, victims may be able to hold drivers liable for failing to maintain their vehicles. Repair shops, car dealerships and manufacturers may also bear liability.

If you were injured in an accident caused by negligent vehicle maintenance, the experienced auto accident and truck accident attorneys at Bashore Green can help get the compensation you deserve. There is no cost for an initial consultation, and we do not get paid until you do.

Common vehicle upkeep needs

There are many vehicle components drivers need to maintain to ensure they function as they should. When a vehicle owner fails to maintain their vehicle, including regular checkups, he or she risks being held liable for damages if an accident occurs.

Vehicle components that should be regularly checked and maintained include:

  • Tires
  • Horn
  • Brakes
  • Taillights
  • Headlights
  • Brake lights
  • Turn signals
  • Windshield wipers

Drivers should also make sure their tires are properly inflated. Underinflation can make the vehicle more difficult to handle while over-inflation could result in a blowout while the car is in motion. Proper lights warn other drivers about upcoming traffic maneuvers and if they are not working it could result in rear-end crashes, intersection accidents and even head-on collisions.

If a vehicle owner fails to make sure the vehicle’s seat belts work, he or she may be held liable if a passenger is injured due to a seatbelt malfunction.

Repair shops can be held liable for maintenance as well

When a vehicle owner takes his or her vehicle into the shop for repairs, it is the shop’s responsibility to assure the repairs are done properly. A loose nut or bolt on a tire could lead to a serious accident that results in injuries to the driver of the vehicle and others. If this happens, the repair shop could be held liable for damages for all injured parties.

Vehicles that are brought into repair shops after accidents should also have their airbags replaced if they deployed. If the airbags did not deploy, the shop should at least check the sensor to make sure it is in proper working order.

Dealership liability is also important

Liability for poor vehicle maintenance may also extend to the dealership where the vehicle was sold or leased. This could happen if there was an issue with the vehicle the dealership was aware of but failed to correct before selling or leasing the vehicle to someone.

For example, a vehicle with a known recall from the manufacturer should be taken off the lot until the recall issue is corrected. If a dealership sells a vehicle that has an active recall alert, and that recalled component is the cause of an injury, the dealership could be held liable for damages.

There is no drawback to letting experienced auto accident attorneys review your claim

When you are injured in an accident, the burden of proof falls on you as the injury victim. This means that you must prove someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. Proving your accident was caused by negligent vehicle maintenance may be difficult on your own, so our team of experienced auto accident attorneys at Bashore Green can help. Call us at 248-209-6009 to learn more.