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Seek Medical Attention Following An Auto Accident

EMT helping a woman with a neck brace after car accident.

The physics behind an auto accident can be quite overwhelming when you look at the numbers. There are several numbers that back up this assertion and show why it is common for motorists to suffer significant injuries from an auto accident in Michigan.

Consider that an average mid-sized sedan weighs about one-and-a-half tons. Even when moving at a relatively low rate of speed, the force of a one-ton collision is enormous. A head-on collision is far worse. If a vehicle traveling at nearly 50 mph strikes another vehicle traveling 65 mph, the collision is of a similar magnitude to a vehicle traveling at well over 110 mph while crashing into a concrete barrier.

Modern safety features inherent in new cars, trucks, and SUVs have dramatically reduced the risk of injury in an auto accident, but there is little technological innovation can do to offset the impact of a high-speed head-on collision. The force of the collision and the location where it happens is simply too great.

Therefore, it is so important to seek medical attention following an auto accident.

What happens immediately following an accident

Some auto accidents result in serious injuries. However, other incidents may not cause injuries that require the same type of immediate life-saving intervention. The injured party will be offered the option to travel to a hospital in an ambulance, but instead of accepting emergency transport, the individual injured can decline for several reasons.

  • He or she might feel embarrassed or ashamed of being in an accident.
  • The cost of the ambulance service will cause financial hardship.
  • The idea of taking an ambulance when not in a life-threatening situation may feel selfish.
  • Pride may play into the decision-making process.
  • The injured person may not feel like they have suffered a severe enough injury to justify that level of attention.

While some of those who decline emergency transport may go directly to the emergency room by other means, many decide to wait and see their primary care physician in or around southeastern Michigan at a later time. Others will not seek medical attention at all.

Financial concerns are valid. Whether reality or perception, many consumers in metro Detroit or throughout the state of Michigan worry that a large medical bill may cause them significant financial hardship. Many do not realize how auto accident laws in Michigan work, and that the quality of type of healthcare insurance they have is not the most important overriding factor.

For some, the belief is that seeking medical treatment can end in bankruptcy. Yet this is extremely rare, even if the medical bills necessary to help a victim recover from serious injuries following an accident are high. You need to ensure injuries are identified and treated, but it also will support your possible case following an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident.

Doing so can make a difference in the potential settlement you may be entitled to. Even more importantly internal injuries can be very difficult to self-diagnose.

The car, truck, and motorcycle accident attorneys at Bashore Green can provide guidance to anyone who has been injured in an accident by informing them of their legal options. Any injuries and resulting medical attention should always be documented and forms shared so that they may be properly introduced into any legal proceedings. Contact us at (248) 487-1887 to learn more.