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What If Police Don’t Come After a Serious Crash?

You’re waiting on the side of the road after a serious wreck. You’ve already exchanged information, taken pictures, and called the police. But it’s been almost an hour, and there’s still no sign of an officer on the way. That raises the question, what if police don’t come after a serious crash?

At the Scene

While waiting for police, you should try to get contact information from bystanders and other drivers who witnessed the crash firsthand. Ideally, you want them to give their statements directly to an officer. However, if an officer never arrives, you should try to get the witness’ phone number or email address so your attorney can contact them as needed.

Taking the Next Steps

The good news is that having an officer at the scene isn’t the only way to file your accident report. If it’s been a long time and you still haven’t heard anything, you can either call the nearest police station or go there in person.

Remember that the police report is one of the most important pieces of evidence you can have after a car crash. It verifies where and when the crash occurred, and it demonstrates who was involved. It is in your best interest to pursue one, even if you need to go to the police station yourself.

Failure to Report

Remember that some accidents, particularly the more severe crashes, require a police report. Failing to get a police report for a fatal crash or one where there is more than $500 in property damage could be considered a “failure to report,” which is a potential misdemeanor.

That’s just one more reason to make sure you have a police report before pursuing damages after a serious wreck.

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