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What To Expect When Meeting With Us After An Auto Accident


We wanted to provide a reminder about what is needed when you bring a possible auto accident case to the team at Bashore Green.

Remember that having accurate information is the key to any case. We will want to get details from you about the accident, your injuries, what transpired on the scene after the accident, and more. With your consent, we will want to compile information about any medical care you received following the accident. It will be important to review the police report and view any photos in the record. Any and all facts will be critical to allow us to build a case that supports you.  

When you first meet with us to go over these details, we want to make sure you are in a comfortable place. Remember that we can meet in person at our office, remotely by video or by phone, whatever makes you more comfortable. We may ask to record a video or phone conversation for our records. Keep in mind this meeting is designed to help you – any questions we ask are designed to get the most accurate and timely information possible.

Some of the information we need will include details about your auto insurance and whether you have spoken with your auto insurer. We will also need to know about any forms you have filled out and provided to your insurance company or any other third parties.

We will make this information-gathering process as pain-free as possible.