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Death Benefits And COVID-19

The reason that Death Benefits is such a growing area for our practice is that insurance carriers have shown that if they have the ability to deny, delay and/or defend the payment of a death benefit for any reason, they often will do it.

Tragic deaths related to the COVID-19 virus are likely to be no different. All of these deaths that we are seeing throughout southeastern Michigan are heartbreaking. In many cases, these appear to have been fairly healthy individuals based on current media reports: a community leader in Detroit in his mid-40s, for example.

It’s too early to say if carriers will attempt to deny or defend payments for death tragically caused by this virus, but families who may be in that situation should prepare just as any other family should when a loved one dies of “natural causes.” They should gather all documents, policies, secure the death certificate and contact us immediately. We want families to have closure when a sudden loss occurs. Our team can expedite the matter and work to secure the financial means your loved one wanted you to have.

Sudden tragedy can lead to stress, confusion, and uncertainty. So don’t get bullied or denied by carriers. Contact Bashore Green and we can help. Hopefully, we won’t need to have this conversation and you and your family will stay healthy.